Tuesday, June 9, 2015

#38 From Darkness Light

Hey there armorers!
Today I have something interesting for you!
This armor was originally designed as a sith outfit but with a color adaptation such as this I have found that it can safely be used in many more situations so let's take a look.

As I mentioned above Dark Lady is an Armor designed for Sith Roleplay by EC-Eleran Crafts.
But with this white colored version I found it to be quite useful as a white mage or a cleric or any other member of the light!

Also pictured in this post is a Cleric Spellbook from Stone Keep.
Cleric Spellbook is used to cast holy magics everything from heals to smites and comes charged with 100 charges each spell has it's own cost ranging from less then 10 to a whopping 96 charges.

Dark Lady is available in world or on the marketplace for L$ 2000.
Cleric Spellbook is available in world for L$25

Monday, June 8, 2015

#37 Infernal in the Sky

Hey there Armorers!
Today I bring you one of the newest releases from TS-Creations!

SO without Further ado Infernal!

Infernal is a brilliant set of armor that comes with everything you need for a proper fitting including the shape.
As with all of TS-Creations armors this is not just an armor it's an out the box avatar.
Being composed of materials enabled mesh it catches the light and lets it dance across the metals.
This is another armor with wings folks so all you angels and demons are not gonna have to worry about your armor matching your wings.
It comes in a range of Colors including two different highlights for the red set.
You can find this armor in world or on the Marketplace for L$ 2,600.

Sorry weapon junkies no weapon included with this one.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

#36 High Elf Reaction

Hey there Armorers!
Today I bring you a new release from one of our sponsors Lost Gems.
This is a fitted mesh outfit with multiple pieces and can be worn in many ways.
For the sake of this being an armor and weapons blog I wore the full outfit with the chest plate and belts and all the trimmings.

So let'd take a look shall we.

Feature truly realistic detail and attention to period dress.
Reaction is a perfect outfit for anyone that plays in the medieval fantasy realms.
A simple brown dress with a secondary leather over skirt and a matching breastplate tightly secured with leather belts and lastly some full arm covering leather bracers for those times you may need them, all in individual piece should you decide you not want to wear it all.
This outfit is available in world for the price of  L$800.
And comes in the following colors Green, Brown, Mauve, Blue/Silver, Red/Gold.

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Sunday, May 10, 2015

#35 Stroll through the Abyss

Hey there Armorers!
Sorry I haven't been with you for a bit but I moved IRL and guess what it takes a long time to get internet installed when there is nothing already set up for it!
Anyway today I Bring you an item from EC-Eleran Crafts.

So Let's get to it!

This is one of the newest releases from Eleran Crafts it's called Abyss Walker.
Coming in a few variety including Blue, White, Black and Red.
Also it has an additional variation for the Kemono Mesh Avatar.
As always with Eleran Craft's Armors Abyss Walker includes a shape for easy fitting,
but also has re-sizing capabilities for those who wish to fit it to their already existing character

As with alot of Eleran Craft's Armors this one includes a fully function spellfire scripted weapon.
This time it is a large two handed sword complete with a bone and webbing motif.
A wonderful item for any drow, death knight, or dark paladin out there.
With the same amount of detail and quality as the weapon this set is a must have for anyone's collection.

The Abyss Walker set is available in world or on the marketplace for L$ 2,200.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

#34 Starborn Celestial Mage

Greetings Armorers!
Today I bring you an item from our newest sponsor!
Let's give a warm welcome to EC - Eleran Crafts!

Now let's see what they got for us!

This lovely armor is called EC-Celestial Mage White-blue.
A perfect little number for anyone whom plays a good mage of any variety.
It features all the armor pieces as well as a couple clothing layers to match and a matching staff and necklace with glow features, and also includes a shape so there is no pesky sizing problems.

The Staff is unscripted but makes an excellent prop.
This whole armor set is purchasable in world or on the marketplace for 2,000 L$.
So pop over and grab yourself today.

Monday, February 16, 2015

#33 Falcon Punch!

Hey there Armorers!
Today I bring you a new release from our Sponsor TS-Creations!

This lovely suit of armor is called TSC Falcon Armor.
And as with all TS Creations Armors it is not just a suit of armor but a full fresh out the box avatar including a shape and full scripted spellfire weapon not to mention the amazing quality we have come to Expect from Topa Adamski.

The classic iron ascetic of this armor makes it great for just about anyone.
The helmet comes in two different option one with a very narrow visor and one that is more open faced for those handsome devils that need to show off their mugs.
As for the sword it is a fully scripted and animated Spellfire Great sword with draw sheath HUD.
And has just as much detail as the armor.

This wonderful armor set is available in world or on the marketplace for the low price of L$2,600.
So pop by and get your copy now!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

#32 Nafariouse the Barbariess

Hey there Armorers!
Today I bring you a relatively new item from LostGems.
As well as a free sword that fits the outfit quite well.
So without further ado let's crack on with it.

This armor is called ::::Nafariouse:::: and is available at LostGems
for the moderate price of 800 L$.
It includes fitted mesh skirt, bracers, boots, armor, and optional helmet (not pictured here).
The spike accents and brownish green woodland color of the armor makes it especially suited for Barbarians and Highwaymen alike in my opinion.
But it could also be worn by any woman with a thirst for adventure and a sword by her side.

Next up we have an item from SG Designs currently featured on her Midnight Mania board.
It's the Elf's Sword.
Now I know elves are supposed to be stronger then Humans but I always pictured them with one hand swords not this two handed behemoth.
The sword is GM scripted and does 40% Damage in enhanced melee sims.
Aside from the size though this sword is beautifully crafted and will make a great addition to your collection.